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Something about me

Rail and radio figure prominently. The rest is history.


My Workbench. It's quite tidy today.

My Roots

The lovely Essex village of Terling lies between the town of Witham and the villages of Great Leighs and Hatfield Peverel. The village was mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1867 the Terling Fever (typhoid) was contracted by 300 souls, of which fourty-four died.

Terling has an Anglican church dedicated to All Saints; the body of the church is medieval, restored in the 19th century, while the brick-built tower dates from 1732. This church is significant for holding the most complete parish records for any church in England. My own family were 'Chapel' so don't figure in these records.

The village comprises two main areas, Terling and Gamble's Green. The latter includes the house converted from a windmill which was featured in the film Oh, Mr Porter! Since 2002 it has been the location of the Terling International Trifle Festival, held each year in September.

It is no small trife to note that Gamble's Green is my matriarchal home and Hatfield Peverel my father's. So, though born in Berkshire I lay claim to having been conceived in Essex.


About Me #1

My love of Miniature Railways is genetic; here's my father driving a loco of his own construction.


About Me #2

Me driving my 5 inch 'Metro' 1457.


About Me #3

Mum with her Ford Poplar.