Signs of the Lines

Funny and interesting signs courtesy of GWR and others.

The Importance of Obedience

Railway Companies quite naturally, as national institutions, had a concern for the safety of their passengers and employees. This meant they produce a plethora of signs intended to avoid nasty accidents, as well as give much-needed instructions to the (presumably dim-witted) travelling public. Having cast our eyes over the toilet humour of the previous page, we now look at signs in general.

Trains May Hurt You

This presumably applied to anyone who forgot they were at a train station.

No Walking

A reminder very much in keeping with today's idiocy.

Get Off The Roof

In the South it was inadvisable to clamber over the roof. Quite right!

Stay Alert

Because there were no Lollipop Ladies to assist you.

No Smoking

I suppose a lot depended on where and from what the smoke was emitted.

Injury to Fences

Strict penalties for injuring a fence.

Kind of Obvious

But maybe in the days of smoking this was essential knowledge.

What Else?

Perhaps some were so desperate as to use the water for putting out a fire?

Farmer's Workers

Tough luck then if your milkcans were the wrong side of the track.

No Spitting

This is obvious. The odious habit of spitting must be stopped.

Twenty Casks

I wish they had said what was in the casks, and why the location.

Using Water Buckets

More water instructions, written by a jobsworth.

Take Heed, Workers!

This notice speaks for itself. If ever you were tempted to move an engine, this should deter you immediately. The rashness of any cleaner, tempted to jump on and steam away, is indescribably foolish.



No Bathing

Many must have hankered, on a sunny day, either to bathe or fish in the canal. If you did so, you risked a stiff penalty. And mind the fences, too!