Toilet Sign

Signals I have known

Can't have too many signal pictures

I don't know

Signals hae always facinated me I've worked on many and had a couple in the garden. Oddly, I haven't taken all that many pictures: but here is a selection of what I do have.

My first

I made this up from bits and bobs, but when we moved it had to go.


Taken in quite early days of the SVR I think.

Disc and Crossbar

On the Broad Gauge at Didcot.

Italian Job

Effectively, a three-position semaphore: in Italy.

Midland Railway Centre

Nice gantry of Midland Railway signals.

St Blazey

Nice little Cornish scene.


Seen at the NRM; Very nice.

Slottted Post

NYMR loveliness.

You have the Road

A lovely summer afternoon and right-away. Butterly Station at the Midland Railway Centre.



Awaiting the Road

Having enjoyed a lovely NYMR lunch we await the road home.