Toilet Sign

Toilet Humour - Railway Style

Funny and interesting signs courtesy of GWR and others.

What to Do in the Loo

Railway signage displays an almost obsessional interest with the use of the toilet. Not that you HAD a toilet to begin with. At first you just needed to wait until the next stop to go, until eventually toilets made their way onto the trains, for your convenience. But even so, the system was disciplined, class-driven and the punishments for infinging the rules were harsh. Take a look at some old (and new) toilet humour to brighten your day.

First Class Only

Worrying directions for anyone not in first class!

Dress Code

Probably not much of a needful reminder.


Making proper use of the paper was a must! No reading!

Don't Go

We all know NOW but perhaps there was a day when they did.

No Riff-Raff

Limitations on using the railways facilities.

Ten Minute Warning

Woe betide if your visit was longer than usual.

Chain Pull

In the days of pulling the chain, this is what you used.

Fancy That

GWR had its own fancy cast iron looroll holder.

Draining Your Cocks

At least on the Somerset and Dorset line, there was a fear of frightening the horses - not to speak of the passengers - and thus such abominations as whistling and failing to amend a leaking cock were punishable by a fine of sixpence. That was probably half your wage packet in 1864.



Such Luxury

Compared to the outside shack containing the peoples' toilet of yesteryear, this Gents' Toilet in Old North Woolwich Station was the lap of luxury. It once even had a pipe of cold running water so you could rinse your hands afterwards!