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Nice of you to drop by

I'm Jonathan, and the Imaginary Website is my own personal project. The content on this site has been written, drawn and photographed by me over a longish time.

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Who is it that you seek?

We seek the LORD


How then shall we live?

Seeking God, alone and together


How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?

By living our Rule of life


The Northumbria Community

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My Imaginary Website: a home for my thoughts

These are my humours and my opinions; I offer them as what I believe, not what is to be believed.
I aim here only at revealing myself - who will perhaps be different tomorrow if I learn something new which changes me.
I have no authority to be believed, nor do I want it, feeling myself too ill-instructed to instruct others.
Michel de Montaigne (1533—1592)

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Where Am I Going With This?

Social Networks are useful but I do not wish them to explore my individual tastes, hobbies and essential Persona.
Hence this website; which is my imaginary home.

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My Blog: Quilldrivel

Quilldrivel is a sort of Blog but I'm not sure how this will evolve.
(Below is my latest post)

We are all exiles, missing our home, wandering far from the Garden of our innocence.
We have a sense of loss and longing but it's not a simple feeling to identify.
Our wanderings take us far from home but by some miracle they can also guide us.
It's recognising the wandering that initiates the return home.

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Garden Radio
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IoM Steam
The Songbird
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Some of My Heroes and Favourite People

Some bloke called Thomas Merton. Probably named after the Oxford College he attended as a lad. Wrote some books. That's about it.

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St. Laurence or Lawrence, the patron saint of Repurposed Convents, was an administrator and all-round good chap who, sadly, got a bit too close to the barbeque.

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St Cuthbert, or Cubby to his friends. Whether or not he was also chubby is not recorded, nor whether he was a hubby. If he had been married no doubt he would have had cubs.

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