Shall We Sing the Lord's Song?

A lilt on Psalm 139 written for the Northumbria Community Easter Caedmon Evening.
Caedmon was credited as having brought song to The Northumbria Church in Anglo-Saxon times. He loved putting the words of Psalms to music and praising God for Creation Read More…

Cross God ?

“My God why forsake me?” Read More…

Thank You

I thank you Good Father
That you have spoken me into being
And loved me eternally

I thank you brave Son for being my redeemer;
And giving me a light by which I may
Perceive you in the darkness

I thank you Kindly Spirit
For warming my heart and quickening my feet
On the journey

For now death has been defeated
And uncontrollable life made present.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Does God get wet

Does God get wet when walking on water?
Do his toes feel the cold of the wave?
Or does he wear some transcendent oil-skin
- and wellies
to make his passage across the chaos of our lives?

No, I think not.
For he is incarnate as we are;
and enveloped in his Creation.
He comes to us just as he is;
to us, just as we are.
Only he is more at home
on our waves
than we ourselves.

So, with the Wind of the Word
Storms are stilled;
and peace,
which passeth all understanding,
calms our very being.


Your presence is my
Heart-rending desire.

I am held in you meniscus
In your “amen”.