My Creed

God, without beginning or end.
I see waymarks of goodness, cracks where the light gets in:
for if God is evil we are confronted with the problem of good.

I believe in the Holy Trinity because love needs expression:
From, To, By.
Despite the bad I am persuaded that the good God created and continues to create and sustain a good Creation.
I don’t know how this works but then that’s faith for you.

I’m not sure I understand Jesus Christ except that in some mysterious way he enables a connection, a relationship, to develop with this God in whom I somehow trust with my life and death. I have no idea what it means to have a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’ – not yet at any rate.

My belief in God cannot be driven by my hope that I won’t get sick, poor or die. Christians get sick, poor and die every moment. No, I think I believe in God because he is God and not because I am me.

To speak of heaven is to look into the unfathomable ‘place’ outside of time and space where God is. I believe there will be an end to time and space as we know it and heaven and earth will be one.

I have no idea how God comes alongside me or I might bring God alongside others except… no I don’t think I do know. But I wonder if it’s by love expressed. And listening is very important.

I find I live a life of faithful uncertainty on a daily basis. That doesn’t change God of course; yet for the first time in 60 odd years I have been able to vocalise my faith. It’s a step on the road I guess and I am amazed I feel able to call God my kin.

2013 and counting

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