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The Life Paradoxical

Since the mid-20th Century we have been learning that the universe works, at a sub-atomic level, by the action of quanta that can be here-and-there simultaneously; can be this-and-that at the same time.

To admit Quantum Theory we must alter our perception of how Creation works and learn to live with the possibility of the improbable: to acknowledge that at the elemental level lies a paradox. But if we are willing to accept it and model it and – even – dare to explore its possibilities, the universe no longer becomes inevitably mechanistic but (rather) something wonderful and unfolding.

Substitute 'miraculous' for 'quantum theory’; swap ‘lay theologian’ for ‘physicist’; and you have the rational Christian's approach to life, the universe and everything. Some say this different perspective is called conversion, well it might be, but the key is that a different way of seeing invites active change.

Richard Rhor says The trouble is that we have made the Bible into a bunch of ideas—about which we can be right or wrong—rather than an invitation to a new set of eyes.

Living the ‘life paradoxical’ offers the chance to see anew; to rekindle a sense of wonder, awe and excitement: the constituents of faith, hope and love.