April 2019


A Story for Easter

They say he is risen again. They say the one that I trusted in and walked with for three years and whom I saw dying in cruel agony is back with us. Of course that’s nonsense: only Pharisees believe that resurrection stuff that and they are a rather weird sort of crowd. But then…

I was with Jesus when he raised his friend Lazarus from the dead. I was the one who said to the others ‘let’s go and be with him’; that was a mad and rather adventurous thing to do – given that we were walking into a possible death trap from the authorities out to silence our rabbi. And yes, I did see that I did see Lazarus walk out of the tomb. I did see it: so why can’t I believe that Jesus himself is alive? Read More…

Donkeys and Deliverance

I was eating when two rather noisy individuals were heard arguing in the courtyard. It’s all well and good said one, but it’s a bit rich sending us, his two right-hand men, to fetch a donkey. Read More…

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