Written on Retreat

Mine is a small heart, Lord.
How can I hope to contain
all that I learn?

Ash Wednesday (2)

We come,
Following our Lord into the desert.
Where faith collides with doubt
And our certainties seem but sand.

We come,
On this first day of Lenten discipline
As pilgrim saints have always done,
To submit to the glare of the Light
And the wonders of the night.

We come
To seek fresh understanding
Of our calling
By study, reflection, prayer and fasting.
On this strange day
We prepare to walk again with you
To the death that leads to resurrection
With our mortality in sharp relief
We come.

But we are not alone
There are footprints in the sand
You also, come.

You come,
So this is holy ground.
And, as a mark of our mortal nature,
Let us now bow, in silence,
before our Creator and Redeemer.

Ash Wednesday (1)

Earth to Earth
Created from soil
Formed for heaven

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

Embers to Embers
Consumed by Fire
Found by heaven

Christ have mercy
Christ have mercy

Elements to Elements
Communing with Eternal
Fitted for heaven

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

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