"There is no map to the place we are going. We will be lost for a good, long time."
Eva Saulitis

There are though, I think, way-marks.
I've stumbled across a few on my journey.
I still have no idea where the next will be found;
this chiefly because they might take any form.
And age can obscure them,
familiarity likewise.


The trees stand,
attired in foliage
of haw and mist.


I have not found,
This year at least -
No, it’s been coming on awhile:
Why would I try and make
Loss sparkle?
I prefer to look for
The light
That shines through
The reality of
The everyday.
This at least
Has not been
Snuffed out.

Are You the One?

Written with Advent in mind.

Matthew 11: verse 3
John asks “Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?”

Are you the One
Or is there another?

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