Does God get wet

Does God get wet when walking on water?
Do his toes feel the cold of the wave?
Or does he wear some transcendent oil-skin
- and wellies
to make his passage across the chaos of our lives?

No, I think not.
For he is incarnate as we are;
and enveloped in his Creation.
He comes to us just as he is;
to us, just as we are.
Only he is more at home
on our waves
than we ourselves.

So, with the Wind of the Word
Storms are stilled;
and peace,
which passeth all understanding,
calms our very being.


Your presence is my
Heart-rending desire.

I am held in you meniscus
In your “amen”.

Walking on Water

I wonder, as I journey
What waves will wash
Over this thin hull of mine?

What wind of breath
Will set my course,
Will salt my brow?

My coracle is born
For the ocean —
It must go where it’s
Sail will drive.

I wonder as God walks
Upon these chaotic waters of mine
When I shall step out upon the swell
And he and I be one?

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