whilst walking Cairn Gorm

My reading on this trip was The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd: the book left a deep impression on my soul. Read More…

I See

We see Jesus Christ, and through him, God’s absolute and unshakeable love for us. This story, of the healing of a blind man, works on two levels. Jesus again demonstrates the power of God breaking through and touching one of us. Yet also we see Mark cleverly placing this story within a particular context. As Jesus set out for Jerusalem and certain death he gave sight to a blind man. Now, as he enters Jericho, he does the same. Bartimaeus, cast by the wayside like the seed thrown on stony ground, cries for mercy and is given so much more. He who was by the way is given power to walk in the way. But Mark also wants us to know that following in the Way will lead to Jerusalem.

I can hear the eagles;
sense them above me.
But only imagine strange flight. Read More…

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