I sat in the stars

I went out in the night.
‘The heavens declare …’
“NO, let’s pollute it with light.”
‘The heavens declare …’
“Fill the void with satellites.”
‘The heavens declare …’
Planes flashing lights.

But my eyes are aware
That the heavens declare.

I sat in the stars; and
By the light of White Way,
Their Voice quickened me
In my heart.


I find I am lost.
In a liminality of longing.
In your lack of presence;
in your distance.

Where actually are you?
How can I give to absence?

For me, in freefall,
this is one of those nights:
dry, dense, dark,
where reason doesn’t count.

Today, I believe in paradox:
I cling to the insanity that
You are there.

That there are arms.

I am not falling
but being born.

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